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Leadermac 50th anniversary
  • 2021-10-01

       The time-honored "Leadermac" has been deeply involved in the woodworking machinery industry in Taiwan. Leadermac Machinery company now is the world’s second largest manufacturer of four side moulder. This year celebrates its 50th anniversary. The two generations relay of the Chang family in 50 years has completed the proud, "Taiwan number one. At this important moment, the editorial team interviewed Michael Chang, president of Leadermac, and listened to him elaborate on the company’s growth and future vision and plans. Leadermac important process monument        Established in 1972, Leadermac has gone through 50 years of testing, from the traditional woodworking machinery manufacturing to the largest professional manufacturer of four side planers in Taiwan and the second largest in the world. Chairman Michael Chang expressed its important turning point. In the successful decentralized market: Because the early market was too concentrated in the Asian and Southeast Asian markets, in order to enter the European and American markets,  LEADERMAC brand was established in 1994, and the CE certification was simultaneously applied for, and at the same time, the mechanical and electrical specifications that comply with the European regulations were set up to European specifications to enter new markets. In 1995, Leadermac participated in the LIGNA Hannover Woodworking Machinery Exhibition in Germany for the first time. (LIGNA is the world’s largest international woodworking machinery exhibition held every two years), and successively find European agents, such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland and other countries. This is an important turning point for Leadermac to enter the European and American markets. With local agents in Europe, Leadermac successfully explored the European market.        In 2013, it started to move towards the goal of automation from a single machine to an automated .the year 2020, the automatic production equipment for the solid wood production line was released. It is an important process of the automation of Leadermac in recent years, and it is also an intelligent production. Set rules. Inheritance and succession        Michael returned to Taiwan from Canada in 1992 and joined Leadermac. He started from the grassroots level and experienced production, management and business departments. Until 1999, he served as the company's general manager and entered the company's core business. Michael is gratefully said: "The most important thing is to thank my father for his support, so that I can carry out drastically, both internally and externally, so that I have the power to change, Michael thanked his father for his support, allowing him to give full play to his strengths and contribute to the company.        At that time, the company's product sales were 90% concentrated in China and Southeast Asia, but after experiencing the economic storm in Asia in 1997, the team realized the importance of diversifying risks, so it set the goal of diversifying the market to avoid putting eggs in the same basket        Regarding entering the European and American markets, Michael said that this is a long-term journey. It is necessary to continuously participate in European and American international exhibitions step by step. The preparation process is like participating in the Olympic Games. Exhibit equipment not only meets the requirements of European regulations, but also respects and avoids patent protection. The expansion of the European and American markets adopts the strategy of Country surrounds the city, such as selling from small countries in Southern and Western Europe, and finally Enter the core group, such as Germany, France, Austria and other countries. Challenges facing Taiwan in the post-epidemic era        Refer to the impact of the new crown pneumonia COVID 19 on Taiwan’s woodworking machinery, Michael analyzed that because Taiwan’s control of the epidemic is better than other countries this time, the Sino-US trade war has surfaced at this time, and the semiconductor industry has stabilized its leading position. The popularity of Taiwan has jumped up. At this moment, the world is relatively repulsive of Chinese products, and many foreign orders have been transferred to Taiwan and other Asian countries. Take Leademac as an example. The biggest profit is the US market, plus tariff preferences, which is the best period in history        However, internal obstacles, including rising source materials, exchange rate fluctuations, soaring freight rates, and the shortage of AI talents in Taiwan’s manufacturing industry, have caused various difficulties in the internal operations of Taiwan’s manufacturing industry and have also tested the wisdom of leaders. About Future        Regarding the future, Michael said that continuous positive thinking and continuous change are like the company's motto and vision: "The only constant in life is change, the pursuit of excellence and the goal of a happy company." To achieve a happy company, you must satisfied customers, because when the customer is satisfied, the company will have continuous orders, and gain profits for the R&D promotion of various departments of the company, especially in terms of AI and IOT overflow and employee benefits, so as to continue to promote the happy enterprise and the industry. 4.0 forward. However, compared with large foreign companies, Taiwan’s happy companies are not necessarily to be large. However, in the future, the weapon that determines the success or failure of the company is to invest in AI, otherwise the road ahead will be very hard. This is the way to go. Photos by Leadermac By NewsWin

  • 2021-07-24

Starting from the 3rd of July of this year, the European Directive “SUP” (Single Use Plastic) has come into force in all member states. A directive that does not apply in any way to furnishing products – a sector in which Catas, the most important European laboratory in the sector, has been involved for more than fifty years – but which can lead to some careful thoughts on the theme of plastics. The “banning” of some disposable items responsible for a large part of the pollution of our planet – including plates, cutlery, straws, etc. – is undoubtedly a strong signal of the explicit desire to tackle the issue of materials which are considered “not sustainable ".   A directive that can and must therefore be interpreted as a first signal towards the limitation of the production and use of plastics in more general terms, considering the continuous and growing global alarms. Among these, one of the most dramatic concerns the accumulation of plastics and microplastics in the oceans which, continuing at current rates, will contain more plastic than fish already by 2050. Therefore the final goal could even bring to more drastic measures, as a recent article suggests. The prestigious journal “Science”, published an appeal signed by 14 scientits of various countries for an international agreement which goal would be the prohibition of the production of new virgin plastic already starting from 2040. From that date, therefore, only recycled plastic could be used.   This situation and its probable, although not desirable, dramatic evolution therefore requires a careful consideration. Possible strategies should aim at the future concerning, in addition to ethical and environmental aspects, also the marketing strategies of the furniture sector or of the individual companies belonging to it. We must necessarily pay attention to the evolution of this general picture, starting also to consider the possible alternatives, bioplastics, their compostability, rather than coming back, where possible, to wood.   Catas is particularly active on environmental issues and, precisely to meet the changing needs of an increasingly “green” market, it recently has developed a new service for the study of the life cycle assessment (LCA) of any raw material or finished product in the wood-furniture sector. We remind you that the Life Cycle Assessment provides a sort of environmental “identity card” based on international shared rules and unified principles. The LCA study is therefore the objective basis on which to work towards improvements, awards and certifications. Source:CATAS

NCHU Department of Business Association donated 80 blood oxygen machines and 5 boxes of rice porridge to Fengyuan Hospital
  • 2021-07-22

       NCHU(National Chung Hsing University) alumni unite and support medical care! The Department of Business Management of Chung Hsing University went to the Fengyuan Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare on July 22 to donate 80 blood oxygen machines and 5 boxes of rice porridge. Endy Wang, chairman of the Department of Business Management of NCHU, was the founder of Come Ture Coffee and the former WowPrime. The vice chairman of the board of directors has devoted himself to social welfare for a long time and spared no effort. In July, he called on his friends to recruit blood oxygen machines, hoping to reduce the burden on medical staff.        In July, Tsai Chi-Chang, chairman of the NCHU Alumni Association, initiated the "Support Medical Care and Defend Taiwan" activity. With the enthusiastic response of the Alumni Association, the Department of Business Management, the EMBA Alumni Association and alumni from all walks of life, a total of 2 million dollars was raised. , Donated to 10 dedicated hospitals of Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, a total of 11,000 N95 masks, 2,000 protective clothing, 300 blood oxygen machines, 30 boxes of rice porridge and 36 boxes of daily drinking supplies. Source: NCHU

SCM is launching a wide range of technical solutions for woodworking requirements, and let customers understand the application of new technologies
  • 2021-06-29

       SCM, a leading producer of machinery and systems for the entire woodworking industry, records an outstanding trend in the first months of 2021, in terms of financial results and order intake.As confirmed by Luigi De Vito, SCM Division Director, the main figures for this first part of the year are extremely positive and the opportunities and customer contacts are increasing day by day.        “We see 2021 as a year in which to consolidate all our strategic markets, including Taiwan market – says De Vito -. The woodworking industry is showing considerable strength, vitality and courage. This is the right time for the woodworking industry to modernise its factories and make their processes more digital, efficient, flexible and eco-sustainable”.        SCM continues to invest in technology, skills and innovation to support its customers with the "Smart&Human Factory": the vision of a digital factory with state-of-the-art automation systems, but accessible to everyone and based on a profoundly human approach and an all-round rapport with the customer.   Automation, Digitalization and Sustainability are the priorities for 2021 and 2022.
       “The digital transformation is closely related to other key topics for SCM, such as ‘smart manufacturing’ – adds De Vito -: closer and closer collaboration between smart factories and new skills, a different relationship with services that are increasingly integrated in the product. All of this is increasingly melting into a unified value for customers, a concept of ‘integrated strategy, product and service’ that we are carrying on, representing the core of our relationship with them. Today, for a customer, it is definitely easier to understand what technology can offer, and when we allow him to make the best decision, we can say we have really been able to improve our contact method”. Regarding Chinese market        "Despite the difficult health situation linked to Covid-19, in 2020, SCM recorded a double-figure increase in its turnover on the Chinese market and managed to accomplish important results - points out SCM's China Country Manager, Damiano Bragie -. Thanks to the experience of our technical and sales team, we have produced complete system projects in close collaboration with leading industry customers, by handling every aspect of the product manufacturing. In 2021, we predict a growth in orders led by the hi-tech solutions that we will take to the trade fair and the conclusion of a series of important 'turnkey' projects on which we have been working since the end of 2020".
        “2020 was really complicated, but these are the situations where you see the courage and strength of a brand. SCM has never stopped its strategic long-term plan launched before the pandemic to keep consolidating its market shares and support its growth. We are willing to invest in products, innovation and markets, as we are doing in India, further strengthening our presence with dedicated warehouses, showrooms, experts and local technical and sales staff. Regarding the pandemic, SCM immediately created a task force to respond to the pandemic and redefined a strategy based on few strong pillars. Safety. “First of all, the safety of people, our greatest asset; in few hours, we enabled 90 percent of our staff not involved in production to work from home, showing that we were ready, and our employees were just as well. The safety plan involved all our sites, in Italy and around the world. Our subsidiaries, more than twenty, across five continents were affected, and thanks to constant networking, they were able to anticipate problems and minimize possible damage. To start over quickly when the markets reopened, we worked hard in our departments, in production, to implement strict sanitary protocols and to monitor them constantly, sharing every decision with our employees, trade unions, local and regional authorities”. Customer support. “It was never suspended, even during the strictest lockdown periods. We transferred the necessary skills to our subsidiaries around the world, which helped us support our customer base when business travel was banned, both for sales and for customer service, responding to all support requests, continuing to make installations, also remotely and in prohibitive conditions. This strategy has rewarded us, as customer renewed their confidence and really appreciated our will to support their production”. Investments in logistic, spare parts and service. We did not stop big investments: during the pandemic, we launched a deep revision of our “spare parts service”, improving all customer support processes with new tools that help us be closer, quicker and more effective”. Technologies Research & Development. Our technical departments have continued to be fully operational. We worked uninterruptedly on our products, maintaining the same investments in innovation and R&D”. Skills, people. Thanks to our Campus, we have pushed even stronger on the training of employees, immediately providing e-learning services for all our sites around the world: more than 70% out of more than 70 thousand hours of training courses delivered in 2020”. Marketing. We have been pioneers with SCM Live Show. A completely new formula, a global event in live streaming in 9 languages, that proved to be even more successful than we imagined if we consider the contacts and negotiations that stemmed from it. And that’s not all. We are also intensifying our on-line demos from all our Tech Centers around the world”.   Source:SCM

  • 2021-05-24

   “There never could be a better way to start the new year. The data processed by our Studies office confirm the "strong perception" of recent months: 2021 has started off very positively, with a strong expansion of the demand of furniture and wood industry technology”. Luigi De Vito, president of Acimall – the association that gathers the Italian manufacturers of technologies, tools and equipment for wood and wood-based materials – commented the amazing result of the first ninety days of this year, with orders up by 58 percent compared to the same period of 2020. The trend of international orders was very positive, with a 52 percent increase, while domestic demand literally boomed, growing by 87.8 percent.      “The term of comparison is clearly a period – January-March 2020 – that had been strongly affected by the lockdown caused by the global sanitary emergency, but nevertheless, the rebound has largely exceeded our expectations, supported by the positive signals that had come in the final quarter of 2020”, De Vito added.        In absolute value, the excellent trend of orders in early 2021 has pushed the Italian wood technology industry back up to its al-time highs, achieved in 2018, with a quarter-on-quarter increase by 17.6 percent.      The quarterly survey carried out by Acimall’s Studies office on a statistic sample of companies also shows that the orders book covers 4.1 months, while price variation since January 1 amounted to one percent. Total revenues, compared to Q1 2020, increased by 2.4 percent.       The interviewees gave clear feedback in the quality survey: 75 percent of the sample indicated a positive production trend (versus 50 percent in the previous quarter, clear evidence of increasing confidence in more "reactive" markets"); 5 percent reported decreasing business, while 20 percent reported substantial stability. Growth was also the predominant trend in employment figures: 55 percent of the sample reported a stable trend, while 40 percent indicated an increase and 5 percent a reduction. Available stocks are increasing according to 40 percent of the interviewees, decreasing for 20 percent and stable for 40 percent.      According to the forecast survey, 55 percent expect the export trend to remain unchanged at the current values, while 45 percent believe that the situation can only improve. No one fears the situation might get worse, which is significant in terms of confidence in the future. Looking at the domestic market alone, the outlook is the opposite: 55 percent of the sample expect further expansion, 40 percent stability and 5 percent think there will be a reduction. 2020 FINAL BALANCE      So, the first quarter showed a clear and positive change of direction after a year, 2020, that will be remembered as one of the most difficult periods our industry has ever faced.      According to the final figures published by the Acimall Studies office, the production of Italian companies in 2020 stopped at 1,848 million euro, i.e. 18.4 percent less than in 2019. This massive drop, as it could be easily predicted, mostly occurred in the first part of the year, when the impact of the measures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic was stronger. Starting from the summer, the trend was much more positive, especially in the fourth quarter; the trend reversal supported confidence and a positive attitude across the entire industry, but it was not enough to make up for lost time, orders and revenues, although it helped close 2020 better than it had been figured out in the toughest months.
     Of course, the global situation also had an impact on Italian export, with a 15.8 percent decrease versus 2019 and an absolute value of 1,330 million euro. Despite this reduction, international sales remain the major driver for the entire industry. The reduction of import in 2020 was even stronger in percentage, down by 28.2 percent, at 153 million euro. On the whole, these figures indicate that the domestic demand in 2020 was still in a critical situation, while the trade balance – i.e. the export-import difference – still remained at high levels (1,177 million euro). Source:ACIMALL

WAFERLOCK in the Central Taiwan Science Park has attained both USA LEED Platinum certification and Taiwan Intelligent Building Diamond certification.
  • 2021-04-14

       WAFERLOCK in the Central Taiwan Science Park is the only factory office building that has attained both USA LEED Platinum certification and Taiwan Intelligent Building Diamond certification. In addition, it ranks the highest score among all projects which have applied for LEED in Taiwan. (84 credits, higher than other well-known companies such as ASE Technology, AU Optronics, Asus)        The office building itself not only adopts an energy-saving system and green materials, but also boasts many advantages including: 100% rainwater reuse to water plants and flush toilets, 24 hour indoor air quality monitoring with energy-saving AC equipment to automate fresh air exchange, the windows are positioned to align with the path of the sun's movement during the day in accordance with the client's wishes, a west-facing green wall preventing western exposure, Alclad siding to obstruct heat conduction and mineral wool lining to cool down indoor temperature and reduce energy-waste, placing solar panels on the roof to block out direct heat from the sun, the application of advanced technologies such as automatic devices, facial recognition system, industry 4.0 and robotic arms.

       All of these advantages are the visible highlights, but what makes WAFERLOCK stand out is the source management. Unlike others, they decided to pursue green building from the beginning of the design process. Then, in conjunction with construction management, the application of smart devices to manage the building and of course, most importantly, teamwork, WAFERLOCK was able to simultaneously achieve both certifications.