Greeting from Mr. Michael Chang
  • 2021-09-30

       Congratulations on the launch of the "Woodworking Machinery" magazine! Taiwan woodworking machinery industry has been in the industry for decades, and its total export quality ranks second only to Germany, China, and Italy, and its global export ranks fourth. More than 80% of Taiwan’s woodworking machinery is for export. There are nearly 300 manufacturers, and more than 80% of the manufacturers are concentrated in the central region, mainly in Fengyuan, Shengang and other regions. There are close upstream and downstream supply chains clustered, and manufacturers can be in a short period of time. Obtaining the mutual support and supply of the required parts is the greatest advantage and strength of the development of Taiwan's woodworking machinery. The chairman of Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association Mr. Michael Chang  

Greeting form Mr.Sam Chen
  • 2021-09-29

       The quality of Taiwan furniture has improved and market demand has increased year by year. Advanced technology has allowed machines to change the way of traditional furniture production, from traditional decorators to fully automated production of machines. The software has increased the utilization rate and reduced the production error rate. To satisfy consumers' needs for furniture styles and functions is all due to the upgrade of woodworking machinery. Taiwan woodworking machinery plays an important role. I am very pleased that through the publication of the Woodworking Machinery Magazine, Taiwan's furniture and woodworking machinery industry will be more closely linked, from the message end to the product end, to provide an information exchange platform for the furniture industry. The Chairman of Taiwan Furniture Manufacture Association( TFMA) Sam Chen

Greeting from Dr.Chi Hsiung Chen
  • 2021-09-28

       The development of an industry is very important for the transmission and connection of information. From the early days of international individual combat to the international group combat method that has evolved in the past 30 years, the Taiwan woodworking machinery industry has repeatedly achieved brilliant results.        This year, Woodworking Machinery Magazine has undertaken the important task of simultaneously publishing online media and physical paper copies facing the challenges of the new epidemic era. In today's information environment, it is really not easy to run a magazine. First of all, I would like to congratulate the "Woodworking Machinery Magazine" for finally launching under the eager expectations of the industry. It is self-evident that it will serve as a platform for buyers, machinery related companies and woodworking practitioners to redefine and open up the development of Taiwan's woodworking machinery industry. New era. At the time when the third wave of the international epidemic broke out again and the launch of the first issue was imminent, I would also like to express my sincere blessings in addition to admiration.   By Chi-Hsiung Chen Chair Professor of Asia University