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Woodworking Machinery Fair was completed successfully                        See you again in 2021

Woodworking Machinery Fair was completed successfully See you again in 2021

  • 2020-10-26

The Shanghai International Furniture Machinery & Woodworking Machinery Fair (WMF) received full support from exhibitors and buyers after recovering from the pandemic. The four-day fair has drawn over 35,000 visitors and 230 exhibitors. WMF will be grandly held again on 3-6 September 2021 in collaboration with CIFF (Shanghai) in National Exhibition and Convention Center, continue exhibiting advanced equipment and technologies, and promote the sustainable development of woodworking and furniture industries.   Overwhelming Responses from Visitors WMF 2020 brought together exhibitors from 7 countries and regions including Austria, Germany, Italy, China, Singapore, U.S.A and Taiwan Region. Star exhibitors like HOMAG、NANXING、BIESSE and EXCITECH have participated in the exhibition, and visitors all expressed satisfaction with the exhibition’s result.   Mr. Mei Zhan Wei, the Engineering Manager of Beijing Lifeng Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  said, “The WMF exhibition has done a good job in the arrangement of epidemic prevention and control, allowing the audience to visit without worries. At the same time, the quality of exhibitors has maintained the previous level.”   Mr. Hongyao Zhuang, Sustainability Specialist at IKEA Furniture commented, “A variety of woodworking equipment and other new technologies were exhibited onsite. Exhibitors enthusiastically explained the solutions for us. The “Tech Talk”  helped me have a deeper understanding of some professional areas such as LED UV technology. The event created an opportunity for me to connect with the speakers.”   Mr. Yang Dawei from Gujia Home Furnishing – Engineering Management Department was satisfied with the exhibition and commented that the show provided a platform for him to contact the suppliers cooperating previously.  The zone division of the exhibition was apparent.   Explore New Business Opportunities Online and Offline WMF understands that the pandemic has brought travel restrictions to overseas buyers that they could not come to the fairground this year. Thus, WMF organized a series of online events to connect overseas buyers with exhibitors, such as online business matching.   Both sides met online through a video call to better understand the needs. Furthermore, the organizer has also launched the first-ever webinar, invited professionals to explain the development of the Malaysian furniture market post-pandemic, and introduced automated furniture manufacturing technologies to keep the audience updated.   During the show period, WMF has invited different local associations to participate, for example, Xuzhou Furniture Industry Association, Zhangjiagang Timber Industry Delegation, and Hubei Province Whole House Custom Wardrobe Cabinet Industry Association. With professional service and attitude, WMF has won praise in the industry.   Mr. Chen Weiliang, Deputy Director of the Customized Home Furnishing Professional Committee of Xuzhou Furniture Industry Association, said there was a wider variety of the exhibited equipment.  Many of their members have made purchases as well.   Director Yang Hongyuan from Zhangjiagang Timber Industry Delegation expressed satisfaction with the organizer's arrangement and commented that the fair provided a one-stop platform where their members could communicate with other associations and exhibitors.   Mr. Wang Jing, Deputy Secretary-General of Hubei Province Whole House Custom Wardrobe Cabinet Industry Association, said members were satisfied with the delegation tour and learned a lot from the exhibition.   WMF is committed to integrating industry resources from upstream and downstream of the whole woodworking supply chain. Apart from showcasing a wide array of machineries, several forums were held in the fairground to share industry information such as The 19th Symposium on Development of Wood-based Panels Industry in China, The 2nd China Wood Industry Park and Port Industry Development Conference, “Tech Talk – Surface Treatment Technology” and The Story of Woodworking. In “Tech Talk – Surface Treatment Technology,” many topics were covered, such as Variety of Wood Finishes, Release of the Most Concerned Furniture Manufacturing Industry Trend 2020, and OSB surface treatment solution for oriented strand board. Massive market information was brought to the participants. In “The Story of Woodworking,” carpenters were invited to display their craftsmanship.  Their works added vibrancy to the venue.   Post Exhibition Webinar - Continues to Keep Up with the Market WMF 2020 was completed successfully. To keep up with the market, the organizer will continue to host the different online event. On 22 October 2020, at 3:30 pm (GMT+8), WMF will host another webinar on the Vietnam furniture market and panel furniture manufacturing solutions. For details, please check the WMF website and its social media platform.  Sincerely invite people from all industries to participate.   In 2020, WMF successfully upgraded its online and offline services, breaking the geographical restrictions, allowing visitors to communicate with the industry on WMF’s platform whenever and wherever possible. More new elements are coming up, and look forward to seeing you again on 3-6 September 2021.  

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Sam Chen was elected as the chairman of the 17th Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers’ Association( TFMA), hoping that

Sam Chen was elected as the chairman of the 17th Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers’ Association( TFMA), hoping that

  • 2021-01-09

       The Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers’ Association (TFMA) held a membership meeting in the Taiwan Hall of the Lin Hotel Taichung on January 8, 110. The meeting was presided over by Chairman Walter Jiang. Walter Jiang said in his speech that many events will be restricted due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia in 2020. However, the association still overcome all difficulties and successfully held a furniture exhibition in February, launched the presidential chair, invited well-known domestic designers and celebrities to complete 120 works, and invited well-known artist Huang Zijiao to participate in this charity event. Auction, this is also due to the assistance of all directors and supervisors and the support of members.     

      The meeting announced the list of elected directors and supervisors. Sam Chen was elected as the 17th chairman of the board. And he expressed his gratitude to the directors and supervisors for their support for giving him the opportunity to serve members, and at the same time he was also take the responsibility . Sam Chen emphasized that the first session of this session was held by a lady as the board of directors and supervisors, and made the main appeal of the younger generation of directors and supervisors. For the advent of IC and electronics, we must rely on young forces.

       Sam Chen said that in the future, Taiwan's furniture industry is not suitable for mass production competition and should strengthen R&D and innovation. The association also invites experienced advisory groups to assist member manufacturers in upgrading and innovating. In the future, we also hope to launch a procurement platform for Taiwanese furniture in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, we must be prepared for design upgrades, advanced deployment and one-step implementation.
       Finally, Sam Chen quoted the famous quote of US President Trump, hoping that "Taiwan's furniture industry will be great again" and encouraged everyone to work together.

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